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"A simply brilliant mix of genres, styles and blossoming talent…”

- Anthem Review

“John's music is a high-quality slice of modern Pop”

- Cincinnati Citybeat

Born into a family of musicians, singers and songwriters, Charlie's unquenchable passion for great music and melodies seemed only natural. In 2013, 2014 and 2016 Charlie was contacted by the producers of the TV show “The Voice” and invited to audition in Chicago, Dallas and Nashville.


He also recently won “Best Original Pop Song” and “Best Original Singer/ Songwriter Song” in the 2016 Ohio Music Awards AND the overall Grand Prize in the Songdoor 2016 International Songwriting Competition with his song “Change Me”


In 2023, Charlie was invited to perform a set of original music at SXSW. He continues to write, perform and produce his own blend of Pop, Soul and Indie music and tour the country.


His new single, "Cheer Up" comes out March 26, 2023.


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